Environmental commitment

Committed to the care and preservation of the environment.

Our commitment points to the continuous improvement of our processes, complying with the environmental management system to minimize possible impacts we generate on the environment.

Integrated pest management

We consider Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as an alternative that allows us to move from conventional agriculture to sustainable agriculture, where chemical control is the last option for crop protection in Agroindustrial Beta. We implement within our IPM biological, ethological and cultural control practices.

Solid Waste Management

At Agroindustrial Beta, we have implemented a Solid Waste Management Plan in each of our operations. We consider policies, procedures and activities aimed at ensuring responsible management of the solid waste generated in our processes. This plan contemplates the segregation, collection, temporary storage until the transfer to the collection center and final disposal of waste.

Environmental Management Programs

To guarantee our commitment to the environment, we have environmental monitoring programs and compliance reports aligned with our environmental management instruments, approved by the Directorate of Agricultural Environmental Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation.

Flora and Ornithofauna Monitoring

We are committed to the preservation of biological diversity in our fields. We carry out flora and fauna periodic monitoring, complemented with conservation plans to establish preventive measures for the protection of native species and preservation of our ecological zones.